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Do Investments Better

Investors: Welcome


Get exclusive access to every deal we find!

We work differently. We won't add you to an MLS search. We comb through all the listings for you, research the information, run the calculations, and share our very best, hand-picked and packaged deals with you.

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We're Just Like You!

Hey there! Our names are David and Heather Jacobson and we are Florida real estate agents working for investors in the Florida Panhandle. Oh! And we're investors too!

We have a passion for real estate, investing, and making money work hard! After being a part of over 700 real estate transactions, we have real estate knowledge and experience you can depend on. We also buy and sell investments of our own, so we know exactly what investors need in order to make quick and informed decisions. 

We spend our days combing through listings to find on- and off-market properties for our investors. We run every viable listing through our calculators and analyze the numbers using 5 investment strategies: Fix and Flip, BRRRR, Buy and Hold, Short Term Rental, and House Hack. We only share the deals that meet our minimum criteria for Cash on Cash, Return on Investment, or Cap Rate, so you're only seeing what you WANT to see. 

Investors have different needs, so we do things differently.

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Schedule a zoom meeting with us!

We love every opportunity we get to meet with our investors! Schedule time with us to talk face to face, ask your real estate questions, and put a game plan together to start investing in your future and building your portfolio to meet your investment needs. We're ready to get to work when you are!

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